Introducing ZenUI 4.0: Smarter, smoother, and full of sleek new features

ZenUI 4.0: Smarter, smoother and full of new features

The head-turning, heart-stirring ZenFone 4 is finally here! In addition to the incredible hardware and specs we’ve all come to know and love, there are plenty of new updates that make its user interface – ZenUI 4.0 – smarter and smoother than ever. Here’s a first look at what’s coming your way!

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A smart new look

Less is certainly more. The classic ZenUI look has been refined and perfected, following a more minimalistic trend. And the result? The new ZenUI 4.0 brings us a beautifully smart design, with a cleaner look and lighter feel.

ZenUI 4.0: Smarter, smoother and full of new features

Organize your photos with the power of AI

When you have thousands of photos on your phone, finding those of your loved ones can be a bit of a challenge. Let the AI-powered Gallery organize your photos using facial recognition, and automatically sort all your group photos. Create your preferred groups of friends or family members, and Gallery will swiftly add all group pictures of the selected individuals into your predefined groups. And since it all happens offline on your ZenFone, there is no need to upload your images to a cloud service. The benefits? You get to save bandwidth and enjoy a faster experience while ensuring your photos are privately secured on your device.

A refreshed look every time

The Wallpaper slideshow is another simple idea that is sure to delight your eyes: every time you unlock your screen, a fresh new wallpaper greets you with stunning visuals. Besides the preloaded wallpapers, you can also subscribe online to your favorite categories – such as travel, nature, pets, etc. – to make sure your screen will always surprise you.

Beauty is in the simplest of details

The new animated themes are proof that a small change can make a whole lot of difference: a moving carp here, a blinking firefly there… and your good old Themes get even better, with an understated elegance that is hard to beat. And with the new living themes, you can enjoy a beautiful story unfolding as the scenes on your screen change throughout the day.

Safeguard what’s really important: you

Letting your loved ones know that you’ve reached your destination safe and sound is now easy as a breeze: with Safeguard, they can track your path online whenever you send them your location using the Report Location feature. You can also trigger an SOS to immediately call your preset contact or local emergency number, and send out messages with information on your current location during an emergency.


Up your game with Game Genie

Game Genie is every gamer’s favorite sidekick: boost your gaming speeds, search for the best cheats and walkthroughs, and live stream or record your gameplay. You can also use Macro to create a script and repeat frequent in-game actions automatically, so you can get your upgrades or reach a higher score faster and effortlessly. And with Lock mode, you can prevent accidental switching between screens, so you can stay focused on your quest.

ZenUI 4.0: Smarter, smoother and full of new features

Duplicate your favorite apps

If you have two accounts on the same social media or messaging platform, or if you like to boost your gaming score and accelerate your upgrades by controlling a second character to help yourself and your team, you know how annoying it is to keep logging in and off all the time. With the new Twin Apps, the hassle is finally over and you can stay logged into two accounts simultaneously on the same device. Two accounts, one app, zero hassle.

ZenUI 4.0: Smarter, smoother and full of new features


Make reading uncomplicated

In this busy, busy life, we all tend to save news articles and webpages to read later. But then you often find yourself wondering, “Hey, where did I save that article?” and eventually let it go. Don’t lose your clippings! Whether you prefer reading on your mobile or desktop, online or offline, Page Marker saves all your articles and highlighted excerpts on your device and backs them up on Google Drive, and you can retrieve and read them anytime from your Chrome browser. You can also choose from the automatically recommended tags, and make sure your saved articles are organized and easily searchable.

ZenUI 4.0: Smarter, smoother and full of new features

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Note: The availability of ZenUI 4.0 features may vary according to ZenFone model and local market. Stay tuned for further updates on our social channels.