RAW support on mobile camera? ZenFone 3 Zoom/ZenFone Zoom S lets you shoot like a pro!

RAW support: Shoot like a pro with ZenFone 3 Zoom

In the world of professional digital photography, experts prefer to use RAW format in their photos. Unlike the commonly-used JPG which undergoes post processing and compression, RAW is an untreated, uncompressed file that saves the complete data captured by the camera’s sensor such as white balance, exposure value, color contrast, and others. This allows the photographer to have a much greater flexibility to edit and correct problems that would be impossible to fix on a JPG file. Available mostly in professional digital cameras, ZenFone 3 Zoom/ZenFone Zoom S supports RAW, allowing you to shoot and browse RAW files right on your phone. Professional photography has never been this easy!bigdotlineShooting photos in RAW
Use ASUS PixelMaster Camera to shoot photos in RAW, so you can further enhance your photos with professional effects during post-processing stage.

Launch Camera, tap modes and select Manual. On the Manual screen, tap alarm settings icon on the upper left corner then check Save RAW file.

RAW support: Shoot like a pro with ZenFone 3 Zoom

Note: Unlike a JPG/JPEG file which is processed in compressed format, a RAW file is uncompressed and may occupy a bigger space in your storage.


Browsing and viewing RAW photos
RAW files are saved in DNG format. These files can’t be opened/viewed in your computer or other mobile devices directly unless they are converted to a readable format. With ASUS Gallery, you can instantly browse and view the RAW files without having to download other conversion apps.

Launch Gallery, tap more settings-square-white.png > Settings and turn on Show RAW images. Tap Left-Arrow-PNG-File to go back to Gallery’s browsing screen. The RAW files show RAW on the upper-left corner. Open the file, tap anywhere on the photo, then tap more-info to view the photo’s details.

RAW support: Shoot like a pro with ZenFone 3 Zoom



Exporting and editing RAW photos
After you’ve captured and saved photos in RAW format, you may choose to enhance them in your computer using photo-editing tools. Because RAW files are large, we suggest you to sync these photos to your cloud account then save them in your computer. Just tap share on the toolbar then select your preferred cloud app. In addition, you can also download a third-party photo editing app that supports RAW from Google Play and do the enhancements directly on your phone.

RAW support: Shoot like a pro with ZenFone 3 Zoom


Start taking photos like a pro with your ZenFone 3 Zoom/ZenFone Zoom S! Update PixelMaster and Gallery to capture more stunning photos in RAW, and take your photography skills to the next level!

Note: RAW support is currently available on ZenFone 3 Zoom/ZenFone Zoom S.