Inspirations behind ZenUI 3.0 UI design


The perfect fusion of metal and glass has gained worldly acclaim for ZenFone 3’s incredible product design since its launch. ZenUI, the exclusive user interface of the ZenFone family, also excels in pursuit of unparalleled excellence when it comes to aesthetics and usability. Let us take a closer look at the simple yet ingenious design of ZenUI 3.0 and the inspirations behind it!

zenui dots

App icon design

Each of the ZenUI app icons was delicately crafted, adhering to the strictest design specifications to achieve a consistent, genuine ZenUI brand. Compared to the previous version, the edges of ZenUI 3.0 app icons are smoothly curved to give a trendier feel. The overall background colors are more vivid, making them very lively and refreshing. By enhancing the layering in the details, users will find the icons more engaging with a stronger sense of depth.


Feature icon design

The design of ZenUI 3.0’s feature icons carries through the same ZenUI design objectives: simple, consistent, and intuitive. The elegant suite of line art symbols doesn’t only look neat and smart but has elevated the usability of the apps.

zenui dots

The overall interface

Adopting the “Less is more” design philosophy, we removed the excessive, unnecessary details on ZenUI’s overall interface and retained only the essential elements. The smart use of white space provides a better sense of space and readability. The result is a clean, intuitive user interface without any frills and obstructions.

zenui dots

The flawless interface design is the core to a perfect ZenUI experience! For more details of ZenUI and its apps, visit our official website at