[ZenUI 3.0 Highlight] ZenUI Themes: Redefine personalization


Let your ZenFone reflects your personality and individuality from the moment you turn it on! Redefine personalization with the upgraded ZenUI Themes—your phone, uniquely yours.
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Get a new look every day

ZenUI Theme Store is packed with hundreds of beautifully crafted designer themes, and with weekly updates available! Give your ZenFone a makeover and dress up your screen the way you want it to be by choosing any style to your liking: illustration, sci-fi, popular movie characters, lifestyle, modern, simplicity, and more! The refreshed user interface also makes it much easier for you to select and view all your favorite categories/themes at a glance!


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DIY your exclusive theme

The new Theme DIY feature takes personalization to the next level! Select your favorite photo then let the system auto-generate matching icon shapes and color palettes for you to mix and match! Creating your exclusive themes is just a few simple taps away!




Visit www.zenui.asus.com/zenui-themes now and get a glimpse of ZenUI Themes’ latest offerings.

  • If you can’t find ZenUI Themes on your device, check if your mobile device is supported in this list
  • If you can’t find the new Categories layout described above, go to Google Play and update ZenUI Themes to its latest version (V1.6.0.29_160823)
  • Theme DIY is currently available on ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL and ZE520KL). Please stay tuned for upcoming releases on other ZenFone models.