Instant messaging best trio: MiniMovie/PhotoCollage + Facebook Messenger

 ZenUI MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger
Instant messaging is now made more fun, expressive and creative with the new integrated feature of MiniMovie/PhotoCollage and Facebook Messenger! Create and share your mini movies and collage photos instantly while chatting on Facebook Messenger – a seamless experience that you will truly enjoy.

So how can you make MiniMovie/ PhotoCollage do the talking? Check out these helpful tips to get you started:

How do I find PhotoCollage and MiniMovie in Facebook Messenger?

Go to a chat then tap   If PhotoCollage and MiniMovie are already installed, they would automatically appear on your Facebook Messenger app list as shown below.

ZenUI MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger

But if you can’t find either app above Get Apps for Messenger, that means they’re not yet installed. To install the apps, just:

  1. Swipe up your screen.
  2. Scroll through the list to search for ASUS PhotoCollage or MiniMovie then tap INSTALL.

ZenUI MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger

How do I send MiniMovie / PhotoCollage files from Facebook Messenger?

  1. Go to the chat where you’d like to send your photo or video.
  2. Tap  then select MiniMovie or PhotoCollage.
  3. Start creating your slideshow or editing photos. When done, tap  . If you’re creating a PhotoCollage file, you can choose the photo resolution before saving the file.
  4. Tap Send to share your MiniMovie /PhotoCollage file to the chat.

ZenUI MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger

How can I reply to Facebook Messenger chats using MiniMovie/ PhotoCollage?
If you get a MiniMovie/ PhotoCollage message with REPLY on it, follow these steps to answer back with your own MiniMovie/ PhotoCollage message:

  1. Tap REPLY on the message to launch MiniMovie/ PhotoCollage directly from Facebook Messenger.
  2. Once done with your MiniMovie/ PhotoCollage file, tap > Send.

ZenUI MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger

But if you get a MiniMovie / PhotoCollage message with INSTALL, it means you’d need to install either app to make a slideshow or collage reply. So tap INSTALL to download the app right from Google Play Store, then create your MiniMovie/ PhotoCollage messages.

ZenUI MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger

How can I share MiniMovie/PhotoCollage messages to other Facebook friends?

  1. Tap  beside the message then choose the friend(s) you’d like to share it to.
  2. Select your recipients under Forward to.
  3. Tap  to share the message.

ZenUI MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger

Aside from these tips, you can also access these exciting chat features from MiniMovie/PhotoCollage. After creating your photo or video file, go to Share then tap  then select your recipients.

Try out our new MiniMovie/PhotoCollage X Facebook Messenger feature and start having some “creative” chats with your friends and family!

Note: Update your PhotoCollage and MiniMovie to its latest version to enjoy these chat features.