ASUS ZenCircle becomes a creative platform for ASUS users

It all started with a user’s curiosity. As an engineer and Android enthusiast, Melvin John’s interest got piqued upon learning about ASUS ZenCircle during the ZenFone 2 Philippine launch. He eventually saw it from a friend’s ZenFone 2.

Melvin, known online as M, is an admin for the Zenfone 5 Philippines Support Community—a Facebook group catering to ZenFone users built and maintained by an independent group of Filipino ZenFone users.


Group photo with Jerry Shen during the ZenFone 2 launch in the Philippines “Our support community, composed of advanced users, provides real-time assistance to ZenFone issues. Aside from that, the group has also become a community where friendships are formed. We have a subgroup called ZenFone Users Kulitan, where we do nothing but share funny stories and do group meetups.” M explained.


Other admins (L-R) Rabz Garcia, Neil Carreon, M, Lizzie Josol, Mashiro Shiina, Meldon Quindoy, Nikko James Reducto. Not in photo are Myra Balagtas, Jhay-ar Sato, Kahlee Cortez, Clarence Patrick Janson and Bem Cinco.

That time, ZenCircle is still an upcoming social media app in the Philippines. Android enthusiasm got the best of M, so he decided to extract the app from a friend’s ZenFone 2, and share it within their Facebook group.

“I thought it would be interesting for people to see,” said M. Upon sharing, members immediately took interest and installed the app.

Meanwhile, the ZenCircle team notably saw a trend in ZenCircle registration specifically among Filipinos. Since its beta release last April 21, ZenCircle is being enjoyed by 13,000 users (as of May 28)—majority of it being in Taiwan. When the ZenCircle team saw a sign-up trend happening in a new user base, they took it upon themselves to encourage the flow of these new users.

It was just a matter of time before a simple welcome message and a curiosity on social media trends finds an unexpected meeting point in ASUS ZenCircle. As Filipinos saw the welcome message, some of them started expressing their appreciation for the warm welcome created by the ZenCircle team.


The same message also inspired Zenfone 5 Philippines Support Community members to continue downloading the ZenCircle app, explore it, and even share their ZenCircle profiles on Facebook. They encouraged fellow members to like their ZenCircle profile with a promise that they’d immediately return the favor by following back.

This unprecedented event sparked insights into the capabilities of the ZenCircle app. The ZenCircle team notes that all these developments are quite amazing to see given that “ZenCircle is a virtual social community.”

Indeed, small steps are all it took to create a positive snowball of events.

As for Zenfone 5 Philippines Support Community group, they decided to do more with their new ZenCircle-registered members. “Our ZenFone Photography subgroup is a place to share photos taken with the PixelMaster camera. We’re transitioning this now to ZenCircle,” said Melvin. The group has also started to create an extension of their Facebook group on ZenCircle, where they plan to post upcoming events in their community.


In the end, curiosity led to an entire community creating a new social media base on ZenCircle, also fostered by direct interaction from the ZenCircle team.

With these developments in place, it remains to be known how far ASUS ZenCircle can reach and how it’ll grow more organically. For now, it showed that it’s more than just a photo-sharing platform. Download ZenCircle now and discover more creative possibilities that connect people worldwide.

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