ZenUI travel essentials for a perfect summer getaway

ZenUI travel essentials for a perfect summer getaway

Summer is here! Are you all set with the planning of your perfect summer getaway? Check out these ZenUI essential tips and make ZenFone your handy companion for an effortless travel!


Switch to local time in a breeze

Your ZenFone will automatically switch to and display the local time of the country you visit as long as you’re connected to a network.

From Settings, tap Date & time then turn on Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone.

ZenUI Travel Essentials: ASUS Clock


Adjust your itinerary based on weather alerts

Your ASUS Weather app also changes and displays the local weather once you’ve reached your destination. Aside from the basic weather information such as rain forecast, visibility, or air quality index, you can also see the weather and UV alerts on your screen. So if you encounter an unpredictable climate, you can immediately adjust your travel itinerary.

From the Weather screen, tap more settings-square-white > Settings then check if Get my location, Weather alert, and UV alert are enabled.

ZenUI Travel Essentials: ASUS Weather


Currency conversion at a glance

Your travel experience is not complete without shopping for souvenirs. ASUS Calculator integrates the handy currency converter in one single app menu so you can spend less time switching between apps and spend more time on your shopping spree.

From the Calculator screen, tap menu > Currency converter. If you want to add another currency, tap + sign and check the currency you need, then tap back key to go back to the Currency converter screen.


ZenUI Travel Essentials: ASUS Calculator

Note: You can use the Currency converter feature even if you’re offline and the exchange rate will be based on the last exchange update.


Get connected abroad

Almost every traveler wants to share their journeys to their friends in real time—tagging the places that they’ve “checked-in”, taking selfies with stunning sceneries, or capturing close-up photos of delicious local delicacies. Get connected by purchasing a local data SIM card or rent a portable Wi-Fi modem. Or if you prefer to use the free local Wi-Fi hotspot, ensure to turn off Cellular data to prevent your own mobile carrier from connecting to the Internet and incur data roaming fees.

Want to enjoy an undisturbed, stress-free holiday? Then unplug from calls and pesky calendar reminders with Do not disturb mode. From Settings, tap Do not disturb then set your personal preference.



Don’t forget to update the Weather and Calculator apps before your much-awaited trip! Be worry-free as you trot the world with your ZenFone!