5 simple tips for better food pics with PixelMaster

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMaster

Imagine you’re at a restaurant with your friends and the orders finally arrive. Instead of digging in right away, pretty much everyone reaches for their mobile first, then spends several moments moving the plates, cups and cutlery here and there, hoping to take the perfect pictures of the food on the table. Sounds familiar? Then here are 5 simple tips for taking better food pics with ASUS PixelMaster Camera.

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Tip #1 – Skip the flash

Nothing ruins food photography like the strong, harsh light of a camera flash. Just look at the examples below: the difference between a natural-looking dish and a completely botched one depends largely on whether you skip the flash.

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMasterBotched vs. natural-looking dish

Food looks best under natural light. But if you happen to be in a dark restaurant, or if you just want to take a picture at dinner time, you can still get amazing pictures with the Low Light mode, which you can find by tapping zenui-pixelmaster-menu-icon .

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMaster


Tip #2 – Keep the brightness under control

What if you’re facing the opposite problem and find yourself in a super bright environment? Maybe the restaurant has very strong artificial lights right above your table? What you need in this case is a tiny adjustment that gives your photo a softer look.

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMaster

Tap zenui-pixelmaster-manual-icon to enter Manual mode, then tap EV to set the Exposure Value. Drag the values to the left or to the right to adjust the brightness.


Tip #3 – Get warmer, more appetizing colors

Unless you’re photographing a bowl of blueberries, which would look nicer with a cooler or bluish tone, most foods will look better with a warmer look; think about pasta, bread, tomatoes and steak – these are all within variations of yellow, orange, red and brown. To achieve that, all you need is to control the White Balance setting.

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMasterCooler tone vs. warmer tone

Tap zenui-pixelmaster-manual-icon to enter Manual mode, then tap WB to set the White Balance. Tap and drag the values to the left to get a warmer tone, or to the right to get a cooler tone. This feature is great to make your food look truly mouthwatering.


Tip #4 – Highlight the food, blur the rest

One of the best tricks in food photography is to either highlight a specific part of the dish, or blur out a messy background. The good news is you don’t need a filter for that, and can basically achieve a better result with the Depth of Field mode, which you can also find by tapping zenui-pixelmaster-menu-icon .

When using the Depth of Field mode, be sure to hold your ZenFone very still. If you have shaky hands, try to place your elbows on the table for better support. When you’re done, you can drag the values to the left or to the right and define how much blur you want in the background.

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMasterLess background blur vs. a lot of blur


Tip #5 – Try a different angle

Food photography is not only about the technical skills of the photographer, but also about creativity! Most of us would normally just grab the phone and snap a picture of the entire plate. These pictures are fine, but they can be a bit boring.

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMasterBoring sushi photos

Here’s the easiest way to up your #instafood game: take 5 seconds to think how you can show this from a different perspective! Think about the dish you’ve ordered. Flatter stuff like pancakes or pizza might look better from above, so how about photographing the entire table for an amazing #flatlay? On the other hand, tall foods may look more interesting if you take a picture from the side, maybe with a #closeup. Be bold and try different angles and frames until you get a perfect composition.

ZenUI: 5 tips for better food pics with PixelMasterClose-up: a different perspective

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Ready to head out to your favorite café? Remember to update PixelMaster first! And bon appétit!