See the beauty and inspirations of ZenUI Themes illustration series

Personalize your mobile screen with our new artsy collection from ZenUI Themes! Demonstrating a good variety of illustration styles, each of these themes tells a story behind the artistic expression of lines and shapes.

zenui dots

Polar Friends

Inspired by children’s illustration books, the cool color background complements the lively snow fox and squirrel in the background. The harmonious Arctic scene reminds us the importance of environmental awareness and protection of the wild inhabitants in the North.


Loft Life

The realistic depiction of concrete and raw steel elaborates simplicity and modesty. Without excessive embellishments, urban industrial style is a humble yet quality alternative of today’s extravagant materialism.


Flaming Feathers

The vivid oil painting brush strokes portray two flamingos in love. This theme symbolizes the kind of love that knows no bounds or regrets.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Adopting the Japanese manga style, this dreamy, girly theme tells the story of friendship and simple happiness.


Monsters at Play

The animation style makes the quirky little monsters come alive on your screen! Look beyond the conventional and you will find the unexpected beauty and surprises!


On Target!

This bold abstract illustration not only gives strong visual impact but also tells us to dream big and set our sights on target!


zenui dots

Love what you saw above? These illustration themes are in fact created by talented young design students through a mobile app UI/UX design program jointly held by ASUS ZenUI Team and local design schools.

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