ASUS Cover 3.0: Smart access to your phone without opening the cover

Give your ZenFone 3 the utmost protection and style with the new ZenFone 3 View Flip Cover. Turn it into a smart accessory by pairing it with the complementary app ASUS Cover 3.0, and enjoy the convenience of accessing your phone with the flip cover closed nice and tight. Let’s check out the 8 intelligent features of ASUS Cover 3.0 app!

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Tip 1: Control by gestures

The tap and swipe gestures are our means to operate the apps from the access window of ASUS Cover 3.0. Double-tap on the screen to wake up the phone or put it to sleep. Swipe left or right to move between selected apps such as Clock, Weather, Calendar, Flashlight, Music, and Quick settings. By tapping and holding the window’s border, you can call out the shortcut panel for even faster access to the various apps.


Note: The double tap gesture for waking up and turning off screen functions are disabled by default. To enable, go to Settings > ZenMotion > Touch Gesture and turn on Double-tap to wake up and Double-tap to turn-off screen.

Tip 2: Stay connected with notifications

ASUS Cover 3.0 supports popular messaging apps such as LINE, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Gmail, Google Messenger, and Hangouts, etc. Always stay connected with friends and family by being notified of new messages, incoming emails or missed calls.


Note: Notifications from messaging apps are selected by default. To de-select, go to Settings > ASUS Cover 3.0 > Select notifications, and uncheck those apps you don’t want to receive notifications from.

Tip 3: Battery status at a glance

The color border around the Clock UI provides the current status of your phone’s battery. When it’s not charging, its border’s color is turquoise blue. When charging, the border’s color turns to green as well as displays the charging percentage. With these intelligent color-coded indicators, you can easily be reminded when it’s time to charge your phone.


Tip 4: Weather through the window

The Weather app displays the weather condition, temperature, the chance of precipitation, and the weather forecast of the next three days of your location.


Note: To use ASUS Weather in ASUS Cover 3.0, you need to first give permission to Weather app to access your location. To do this, launch Weather then tap Allow when a pop-up screen appears.

Tip 5: Music in control

Control your music fast and easy without opening the case. When the music is on, you can tap to pause, tap to resume, or tap to go to previous track and to skip to the next one.



Tip 6: Bright light in a flash!

Switch on your Flashlight in an instant! Just move up the flashlight slider to turn on your phone’s LED flash!


Tip 7: Effortless quick settings

Our handy quick settings screen let you lock/unlock your phone, or turn on the silent mode in one tap. You can also use screen adjustment to align ASUS Cover 3.0 with the case window for the perfect display!


Note: Enable the lock screen feature to prevent accidental touches to your phone e.g. pocket dialing. When in lock mode, slide the lock icon to the right to open ASUS Cover 3.0 app.

TIP 8: Personalize your clock’s face

By default, ASUS Cover 3.0 displays the Clock app in digital format. To personalize your clock’s face, swipe up the clock’s face then swipe left and right to scroll different themes and tap on it to select.


To see more digital and analog clock themes, go to Settings > ASUS Cover > Select clock theme.


zenui dots

Check out the official ASUS online store or your local retail store to select an ZenFone 3 View Flip Cover of your favorite color. Don’t forget to update ASUS Cover 3.0 app to its latest version to enjoy the convenience brought to your by these intelligent features!

  • ASUS Cover 3.0 app is only compatible to ZenFone 3 and ZenFone 3 Deluxe, and ZenFone 3 Laser models.
  • ZenFone 3 View Flip Cover is required to enable ASUS Cover 3.0 for best performance.