[ZenUI 3.0 Highlight] Mobile Manager: Your all-in-one system optimizer


Your incredible ZenFone deserves your extra care and protection. With ZenUI’s newly-upgraded Mobile Manager, you can rest assured of optimizing, cleaning up, and safeguarding your device so it’s always at its top-notch performance!

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Run faster, run longer

Do you know that the apps on your device are always processing different kinds of activities in the background, causing a possible slowdown to your device without your notice? Optimize your ZenFone effectively from the system level with One-tap instant optimization, release more memory for a faster run with Boost, and extend the battery life using the power-saving options of Power Saver for a seamless overall system performance!


One-tap instant optimization


Power saver


Everything’s under control

Free yourself from the hassles of annoying notifications that constantly pop on your screen by blocking unwanted notifications with Notification. Free up more storage space by removing unused apps with Cleanup. You can even manage individual app’s mobile and Wi-Fi usage with the handy Data usage feature!

Notification and Cleanup


Data usage


You’re in safe hands

With Privacy and Security’s checkup and recommendations, your device’s personal info is safely guarded. Want extra security? Set up Permissions and prevent unwanted apps from auto-starting in the background or accessing your personal data so you can stay on the safe side, always.


Optimize your ZenFone to its highest level using Mobile Manager!

  • Mobile Manager full version is available on all ZenFone 3 models. Partial features apply for ASUS mobile devices running on previous ZenUI versions.