Get real-time weather and UV updates with ASUS Weather

Actively know what’s happening around you, in real-time, based from the latest weather details. ASUS Weather now lets you get deeper into the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) and UV level details in Taiwan. With the addition of the Details button, a simple tap now leads you to the official air quality monitoring website. Here, you can see more details about air quality monitoring.


The UV level feature on ASUS Weather also offers the same Details button. After tapping this, you can view three consecutive days of UV level forecast along with their implications.


Aside from these essential updates, ASUS Weather has also beefed up its overall user experience. More bits of information are included to help give you an instant idea of what’s it going to be like once you step outside.

With ASUS Weather providing you more than just the usual daily and weekly forecasts, you’ll be able to face every day in a more vigilant confident way.

Say goodbye to weather uncertainties by updating your ASUS Weather now!